RX Model R2

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Price: From: $420.00 $295.00

RX Model R2

From: $420.00 $295.00

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Bucci’s Fashion Sport Collection. The “West Coast Look” Bigger in size and fashion but still offering great coverage for activities .


  • Medium Fit
  • Propionate OQ Frame Material
  • 5 Barrel Metal Hinge
  • Base 8 Curvature
  • 59/16 mm Eye Size
  • 120 mm Temple Length
  • 100% UVA/B/C Protection
  • Zip Case Included

Grilamid® is a compound derived from nylon that when formed becomes the lightest, and one of the strongest plastic materials avail-able. It is extremely flexible, but is able to maintain its original shape under most temperatures. Here at Bucci we still advise our customers to keep your glasses in their case and not on the dash of your car.


High Efficiency Polarized Filter
30% Light Transmission
20% Blue Light Transmission

The Brown-1 Lens improves contrast and depth perception. It is an ideal lens for partly sunny to very sunny days.



High Efficiency Polarized Filter
18% Light Transmission
10% Blue Light Transmission

The Brown-3 Lens provides excellent contrast and improves visual acuity and depth perception. This color reduces blue light and is good for highly sunny and varying conditions. Best for driving, golfing, and Water Fishing.



High Efficiency Polarized Filter
23% Light Transmission
17% Blue Light Transmission

The Copper Lens maximizes contrast making items brighter. Ideal for any application where good visual acuity is crucial. Great for fishing, golfing, and driving in varying conditions.



High Efficiency Polarized Filter
35% Light Transmission
35% Blue Light Transmission

The Grey-1 Lens transmits colors evenly and allows for true color recognition. Good for a variety of activities or partly sunny to sunny days.



High Efficiency Polarized Filter
15% Light Transmission
15% Blue Light Transmission

The Grey-3 Lens Reduces the maximum amount of visible light and allows for true color recognition. Good for bright sunny days and heavy glare situations. Best uses include driving, deep-water fishing, boating, and overall everyday use.



High Efficiency Polarized Filter
15% Light Transmission
10% Blue Light Transmission

The Grey-Lens is very similar to the color sensitivity of the human eye. This results in natural vision and true colors that are easy on the eye. It significantly reduces light transmission. Best for driving on very bright sunny days.



High Efficiency Polarized Filter
20% Light Transmission
10% Blue Light Transmission

The Ruby Lens is like watching a sunset on the beach in Maui. This deep rose color increases contrast and is great for activities in overcast or foggy conditions. Ruby is used by skiers, golfers, and on or near the water.


UV rays are one of the most damaging things for your eyes. Many people don't wear protection for their eyes and over time UV rays can accelerate your eyes aging process and these negative affects can be be accelerated by surfaces like water and snow. Bucci's lenses block 100% of these damaging UV rays so that your eyes can take a break.


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