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An all time Bucci classic! The steady is a light weight frame that is great for all applications.


  • Medium to Large Fit
  • Propionate OQ Frame Material
  • 3 Barrel Metal Hinge
  • Base 6 Curvature
  • 58/17 mm Eye Size
  • 125 mm Temple Length
  • 100% UVA/B/C Protection
  • Micro-fiber bag Included

Grilamid® is a compound derived from nylon that when formed becomes the lightest, and one of the strongest plastic materials avail-able. It is extremely flexible, but is able to maintain its original shape under most temperatures. Here at Bucci we still advise our customers to keep your glasses in their case and not on the dash of your car.

Bucci Specialty Polycarbonate Polarized Lenses

These lenses have a superior impact strength compared to other lens materials. Polycarbonate is extremely lightweight and flexible and is especially suited where eye injury cause by lens shattering is paramount to the wearer. These lenses have a long and although here at Bucci we would never say that they are unbreakable they are nearly unbreakable. like all of our lenses the filtering properties of these lenses block 100% of UVA & UVB. A specially designed micro-thin polarizing film is sandwiched and protected in the middle of the lens and produces a major reduction in reflected glare.

There are 3 color options:

Grey- The darkest but also the most neutral viewing (12% Light Transmission)

Chocolate Rose- Excellent for going in and out of shadows (15%-20% Light Transmission)

Hi-Definition Brown- Enhanced definition viewing of the browns and greens in the environment (15% Light Transmission)

Bucci Glass Polarized

The finest quality ground & polished optical glass for optical purity and scratch resistance. These lenses offer a 7 layer multi-construction including a hydrophobic water repellent and anti-reflection technology. A Specially Designed micro-thin polarizing film is sandwiched & protected in the middle of the lens and produces a major reduction in reflected glare.

There are 2 color options:

Brown HP Polar- Really its more of an Sienna. This lens is amazing out on the water or for anything that you prefer a little more definition than just plain grey (10% Light Transmission)

Grey HP Polar- The most optically clear polarized lens that Bucci has to offer. This is the lens that we recommend for the polarized lens lover. Perfect for fishing or driving (12% Light Transmission)

UV rays are one of the most damaging things for your eyes. Many people don't wear protection for their eyes and over time UV rays can accelerate your eyes aging process and these negative affects can be be accelerated by surfaces like water and snow. Bucci's lenses block 100% of these damaging UV rays so that your eyes can take a break.

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