Do you know the story behind your glasses?

Italian Frames

The quality of our frames is very important to us because they are the foundation for a good pair of glasses. We take pride in the fact that all Bucci frames are made in the northern region of Italy which is known for it's fine traditions of craftsmanship.

Currently all Bucci frames are made from Grilamid TR-90 a material known for it's strength, flexibility, impact resistance, and light weight properties. Grilamid frames are extremely comfortable, and durable making them perfect for sporting activities as wells as everyday use.


Premium Quality Lenses

Looking for polarized lenses? Don't worry all Bucci Lenses are polarized.

What are polarized lenses and what are their benefits?

Bucci Polarized lenses include a special filter in middle of the lens that blocks intensely reflected light off flat surfaces (polarized light), reducing glare. Humans eyes cannot cope with this glare, which can cause irritation leading to eyestrain, fatigue, or headaches. Our Polarized lenses reduces irritation and fatigue leading to comfortable, happy eyes.

Bucci offers Polycarbonate Polarized lenses which are light weight, durable, and impact resistant creating a perfect balance between clarity and protection.

Bucci High-Performance Polarized Mineral Glass lenses offer superior vision over their polycarbonate counterpart. These glass Lenses are the most durable lens material with regards to resistance from scratches, heat, chemical attacks, and corrosion from salt water. All our glass lenses are made from the finest quality optical glass by the world’s leading glass manufacturers, and processed with extreme precision for the best clarity. 

The Choices

Most of the sunglasses brands today offer their glasses with only set combinations of lens and frame colors or charge a fee for "custom" glasses.

Here at Bucci that is not the case at all! We offer over 150 options throughout the Bucci line because we believe that each customer should be able to make whatever combination they like.

So choose your style, pick your frame color, and put your favorite lenses in them. If you like a black frame with a brown lenses or a brown frame with a grey lenses that isn't a problem for us. Each pair of Bucci Sunglasses is assembled ,adjusted, and finished one by one here in Santa Cruz, CA.

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