Q?Can I trade in my broken Bucci’s for a new pair?

Bucci does not have a trade in policy or trade in allowance.

Q?Will you be able to repair my older Bucci’s?

Bucci keeps repair stock on hand for discontinued stock for an extended time. Please contact us and we can discuss your situation with you. Have your Buccis with you when you call so we can ask about identifying information on the frame.

Q?How can I tell what kind of Bucci sunglasses I have?

The Bucci frame style name is screened on the inside of the temple (the part that goes over the ear). There will also be a 5 digit style number screened on the inside of the temple, along with technical frame information such as 59-18-125. The 5 digit style number only identifies the frame style and the frame color, and does not indicate what type of lenses you have. If you still have your Bucci box, check the label on the end of the box, or if you have an invoice, the frame style, lens and part number may be noted there, or it may be noted on your store cash register receipt.

You can also send your sunglasses to us and we can identify them for you.

You may be able to find your Bucci style in our Online store.

If you have a picture of yourself wearing your Bucci sunglasses, you can scan that into an email to david@client.bizabuzz.com or mail us a print to Bucci, Inc., 5610 Scotts Valley Dr. Ste B #171 Scotts Valley CA 95066. We have identified many Bucci sunglasses this way!

Q?Can I order parts and fix my own Bucci Sunglasses?

All Bucci repairs are done “in-house” to guarantee product integrity. We’re careful about logos and dye lots, and we do a complete inspection of your sunglasses.

Q?What is the Bucci Warranty?

Bucci warrants all sunglasses to be free from all manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. However, Bucci will not cover damage due to normal wear and tear, which includes scratched, pitted, or broken lenses and/or frames within the three year period. This warranty does not apply to loss, theft, or accidental breakage.

Due to the nature of lamination (regardless of manufacturer) all polarized lenses will possibly lose their effectiveness over time. This is NOT a manufacturer’s defect. Polarized lenses do have a specific life span determined by care and environment.

Q?How much will it cost to repair my Bucci sunglasses?

Repair charges start at $15 plus the Bucci processing fee and any applicable sales tax.

Q?How long does it take to get my glasses back from the repair department?

Bucci can usually ship your repaired sunglasses to you within 7 to 14 business days. Additional time in transit will vary.

To facilitate the repair process, please make sure you provide a daytime phone number so we can contact you. Bucci ships repairs back via US Mail or UPS Ground shipping.

Q?Can I order replacement side shields or nose shields for my Bucci glacier glasses without sending them in?

Please call Bucci at 800-999-2822 to order side shields or nose shields for Bucci glacier glasses.

Q?I have the Changers style with interchangeable lenses. Can I order replacement lenses without sending my sunglasses in to the repair department?

Please call Bucci at 800-999-2822 to order lenses for the Bucci Changers series.

Q?Can you buff out the scratches in my lenses?

Bucci cannot buff out scratches but our repair department can replace most lenses for you. Please click here for warranty and repair and follow the instructions for sending your glasses in for repair.

Q?Can I replace the existing lenses in my Bucci sunglasses with a different lens type?

In most cases Bucci has a varied selection of lens options for each frame style. Please call Bucci at 800-999-2822 to discuss lens options, or view your style in the Bucci store to see lens options available in your frame style. Lens replacements start at $20 plus the Bucci processing fee and any applicable sales tax.

Q?I have Rose lenses in a black frame. The frame is not broken but I’d like them to be put into a different color frame.

We can put your existing lenses into a different color frame as long as the new frame is the same style as your original frame.

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