Warranty and Repair

Bucci sunglasses that are less than two years old

Bucci warrants all sunglasses to be free from all manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. However, Bucci will not cover damage due to normal wear and tear, which includes scratched, pitted, or broken lenses and/or frames within the three year period. This warranty does not apply to loss, theft, or accidental breakage. You may register your Bucci sunglasses warranty online or you may mail the warranty card provided by your authorized Bucci dealer with proof of purchase to Bucci at the address below.

Due to the nature of lamination (regardless of manufacturer) all polarized lenses will possibly lose their effectiveness over time. This is NOT a manufacturer's defect. Polarized lenses do have a specific life span determined by care and environment.

If the damage to your Bucci sunglasses does not fall under the Bucci warranty, repair charges will apply.

An $8.95 processing fee will apply to all Bucci repairs whether or not the repair is under warranty.

Bucci sunglasses that are more than two years old

If your Bucci sunglasses are more than two years old, or do not fall under the Bucci warranty due to loss, theft, or accidental breakage, Bucci will replace or repair them at a charge to you, the consumer. Repair charges start at $15 plus the Bucci processing fee and any applicable sales tax.

Consumer Parts Price List

For a better idea of your repair cost download our Consumer Parts Price List (a pdf file)

How and where to send your sunglasses for repair or replacement

Please download our Repair Submission Form (a pdf file) and enclose it with your sunglasses. If you cannot access the form, follow the instructions for sending in your sunglasses.

Pack securely and ship to:

Bucci Warranty and Repair Department
5610 Scotts Valley Dr.
Ste B #171
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

With your sunglasses, please enclose your name, address, and daytime phone number, a copy of your receipt and a brief description of the problem.

Enclose a personal check or money order for $8.95 to cover Bucci's processing. We cover the cost of ground shipping to return your repair.

Shipping recommendations

US Mail

Purchase insurance to cover the original cost of the sunglasses.
Claims for lost packages can only be issued on insured packages.
You may purchase Delivery Confirmation services at the post office.

UPS and FedEx will give you a tracking number for your shipment which you should retain should you need to file a claim. UPS and FedEx automatically insures your package for $100. Purchase additional insurance if necessary.

Once we receive your repair, we will evaluate it to determine whether or not it falls under the Bucci warranty. If it is a warranty repair, we will repair the sunglasses and ship them back to you at no additional charge beyond the $8.95.

If your repair does not fall under warranty, Bucci will contact you and let you know what the additional repair charges are. At that time you may give us your credit card number, or send us a money order or cashier check. No personal checks area accepted for repairs except for the $8.95 processing fee.

Our turn-around time is normally 7 to 10 business days after receiving your repair.

Bucci's policy requires all repairs to be completed in house, so we are unable to send you parts for customer performed repair.

Bucci Sunglass frames that have been RX'd may be repairable by Bucci, however we are unable to cover any damages to your prescription lenses by Bucci staff during the repair process. We suggest you take your sunglasses back to your optical dealer for repair.

E-mail: David@Buccisunglasses.com

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