Warranty and Repair

Warranty and Repair

Bucci sunglasses that are less than two years old
Bucci warrants all sunglasses to be free from all manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. However, Bucci will not cover damage due to normal wear and tear, which includes scratched, pitted, or broken lenses and/or frames within the three year period. This warranty does not apply to loss, theft, or accidental breakage. You may register your Bucci sunglasses warranty online or you may mail the warranty card provided by your authorized Bucci dealer with proof of purchase to Bucci at the address below.
Due to the nature of lamination (regardless of manufacturer) all polarized lenses will possibly lose their effectiveness over time. This is NOT a manufacturer’s defect. Polarized lenses do have a specific life span determined by care and environment.
If the damage to your Bucci sunglasses does not fall under the Bucci warranty, repair charges will apply.
An $8.95 processing fee will apply to all Bucci repairs whether or not the repair is under warranty.
Bucci sunglasses that are more than two years old
If your Bucci sunglasses are more than two years old, or do not fall under the Bucci warranty due to loss, theft, or accidental breakage, Bucci will replace or repair them at a charge to you, the consumer. Repair charges start at $15 plus the Bucci processing fee and any applicable sales tax.
Consumer Parts Price List
For a better idea of your repair cost download our Consumer Parts Price List (a pdf file)
How and where to send your sunglasses for repair or replacement
Please download our Repair Submission Form (a pdf file) and enclose it with your sunglasses. If you cannot access the form, follow the instructions for sending in your sunglasses.
Pack securely and ship to:
Bucci Warranty and Repair Department5610 Scotts Valley Dr.Ste B #171Scotts Valley, CA 95066
With your sunglasses, please enclose your name, address, and daytime phone number, a copy of your receipt and a brief description of the problem.
Enclose a personal check or money order for $8.95 to cover Bucci’s processing. We cover the cost of ground shipping to return your repair.
Shipping recommendations
US Mail
Purchase insurance to cover the original cost of the sunglasses.Claims for lost packages can only be issued on insured packages.You may purchase Delivery Confirmation services at the post office.
UPS and FedEx will give you a tracking number for your shipment which you should retain should you need to file a claim. UPS and FedEx automatically insures your package for $100. Purchase additional insurance if necessary.
Once we receive your repair, we will evaluate it to determine whether or not it falls under the Bucci warranty. If it is a warranty repair, we will repair the sunglasses and ship them back to you at no additional charge beyond the $8.95.
If your repair does not fall under warranty, Bucci will contact you and let you know what the additional repair charges are. At that time you may give us your credit card number, or send us a money order or cashier check. No personal checks area accepted for repairs except for the $8.95 processing fee.
Our turn-around time is normally 7 to 10 business days after receiving your repair.
Bucci’s policy requires all repairs to be completed in house, so we are unable to send you parts for customer performed repair.
Bucci Sunglass frames that have been RX’d may be repairable by Bucci, however we are unable to cover any damages to your prescription lenses by Bucci staff during the repair process. We suggest you take your sunglasses back to your optical dealer for repair.
E-mail: Rbbuccisunglasses@gmail.com

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  • I have an old pair of Bucci’s that I love – they have prescription lenses. The model appears to be “Alpine” “TM – 127”. The left temple piece has broken. Do you have a replacement left temple that you could sell me and ship to me?



  • Please help.
    I’m trying to get in contact with someone in shipping.
    I ordered my glasses on February 26, I have not received my order nor have I received anything from BUCCI of the status of my order.
    The phone numbers will not take messages and my email have been in answered.

    Please help.

  • TJ these guys have an old pair of sunglasses I sent to them from last July (2020). No word, no update, nothing.. BUCCI REPAIR ARE THEIEVES!!

  • I was able to get through to someone. He is looking into helping me and is going to follow up with me next day. I retract my previous statement so far and will provide updates along the way.

  • Hi There, I have had no reply from my emails and placed my order Order on January 16, 2021. Please reply to email and confirm you are still in business?? We have enjoyed your sunglasses over the years, but would appreciate a response after taking payment for $460.

  • Hi I have been a loyal costumer for 20 years. I cracked my sunglasses and have not been able to get a call back on how to get them fixed. Can you please call me. Your mailbox is full now and not taking messages. Thanks Peggy Sullivan

  • Please confirm that I mail my Bucci repair to the address in Scotts Valley
    Do you require the check for 8.95? I will mail them to the Scotts Valley address.

  • I sent in an injured pair of K2 model glacier glasses OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO and havent heard a word. I called many times with no answer. The one time someone picked up (after the one yr mark) he said “of here they are, i will look into it” Then….nothing.

  • Hi my name David Edwards….. trying to place order for pair Buccis, which obviously I love….. last pair nearly 20 years ago Absolutely wonderful
    can’t find any shop on Sunshine Coast, Queensland , that stock them, so two times tried ordering on line unfortunately both times, even after entering everything correctly, site kept saying incorrect address?? my e-mail edwards.dave @ hotmail.com postal address 36 Winchester Road , Little Mountain 4551 Queensland Australia….. I am old 73 and not completely tech savvy, so any chance somebody could e-mail me with some advice?? thanks in advance

  • Hello Bucci.
    I scratched my lens and need them repaired. Or replaced. I love my Bucci sunglasses very much. However I am a bit skeptical about shipping them off when service has been very sketchy. Can I send them in for repair and not wonder if I get them back? Let me know please.

  • I would like to know if Nicolas Brown, CAJD, Richard Kulton, TJ, ever received their glasses. Did anyone get back to Peggy Sullivan or Anthony Meyers? Not sure it is a good idea to send off my glasses to Bucci. Perhaps someone in charge could respond on this comment page.

  • I sent a pair of sunglasses for replacement, but never got anything back even after weeks of calling the customer service line. I’ve done business with bucci for 20 years previously before this incident. Contact email as I would like to figure out a solution to stay in business with this company.

  • Here it is….feb…2022! Still no contact from them…almost two years they have had my K2 Glaciers.

  • This is the deal, I’ve been a loyal customer for 35+ years, but Customer Service is nonexistent at Bucci, it’s actually an oxymoron. They never call back (if there’s even room on their voicemail, which there never seems to be) and they don’t respond to emails. It just pisses you off to no end. I’m baffled how they’ve managed to stay in business treating their customers like this. Robert, you started this company, if you read these comments, you need to light a fire under some people’s asses and fire whoever oversees Customer Service. This is no way to treat your customers, we deserve a lot better, otherwise we’re going to have to get a divorce, and it will undoubtedly be acrimonious.

  • Lisa Puma, this is Richard Koltun….still waiting after two years of them having my K2 glasses…this company sucks. Do not do business with them.

  • Can you please contact me? I sent in a pair of bengal curves for repair about a year ago. If they can’t be fixed, I would appreciate if you could at least return them to me. It’s my favorite pair, and greatly missed. I am a Bucci customer of many years. I have emailed and called and left messages.

  • Hey..sent my sunglasses in to be repaired with all my info and a check….have not heard a word about them. Would like yo have th back.

  • I was going to buy a new pair to replace my old favorites but after reading this thread I’ve changed my mind.

  • After speaking on the phone with you I sent my sunglasses for new lenses. You said you would call me after they arrived and asked if I could ship them that day, which I did. They arrived to you on May 2, 2022.
    I have emailed you, with no response and called but your phone says the message box is full and will not take any messages.
    Please contact me and let me know you have my glasses and when they will be completed and returned to me.
    Thank you, Robin

  • Please let me know if you received my sunglasses for repair and any costs associated. Sent two weeks ago.

    Thank you

  • I sent in a pair of Curves to be repaired last year. Literally a year ago, and have not received them back, or any word. I call almost weekly and never get anywhere. Either voice box is full or no one answers. It is such a shame, these guys used to be a joy to work with, and I love supporting local, but how can I do that with no response?? Plus…I want those sunglasses back!

  • Sent glasses for repair, Bucci signed return receipt acknowledging return, then glasses and Bucci disappeared into the ether. Just vanished. Never responded to voicemails or emails. Just kept my new glasses without another word. I had heard things were bad there but wow, be forewarned, do yourself a favor and buy from another more reputable brand. Anyone want to band together and take them to small claims court?

  • Please contact me about purchasing a pair of Bucci sunglasses with glass rose lenses. I like Steady in tortoise but am open to other styles and colors with glass rose lenses.
    I am a longtime customer.
    Please call or email me at 408 691 9097
    Or email me at p.jovich@hotmail.com
    Dean Schoeppler

  • Hi. I have a pair a glacier glasses from the early 90s, can I still get them repaired? (An arm is broken.) Thank you!

  • I too have had no response since order in March 2023 and am contacting credit card company to reverse charge. Do not buy from this company.

  • I am a long time Bucci customer (since 1986) and love the product. However, I purchased a new pair of sunglasses several weeks ago and the funds were processed from my account. I have sent numerous emails and literally called numerous times a day (local and toll-free numbers) since I placed the order … the message box is always full and will not allow me to leave a message. I get absolutely no response to my emails (to include to David Bucci who is now presumably the owner) and they have been numerous.
    The total lack of regard for the customer and non-responsiveness is beyond frustrating. I am going to wait a few more days, and then I will have to navigate having the charges reversed from my bank card. Please reach out and let me know the status of my order!!

  • I just sent an email to Robert and hope to get a message back as i have called and no answer or a way to leave a message on either number… Thanks Mark 🙂

  • Hi Guys,

    It has been 4 days since I posted this. Can you please help me? I have also sent multiple emails and tried to call and have been unsuccessful.

    Please help,


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